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Bulk Water Online Account Setup

A quick summary of how to create your Bulk Water Online Account

Bulk Water Accounts are now available online for customers to access once the account is linked. Please see the info below for linking.

Bulk Water Services Online Account Activation:
1.            go to
2.            Click on Water+Bulk Water button
3.            Click on Sign Up now to create a profile.
4.            Enter your email and a password; get your verification code
5.            Fill in the information on the page that pops up.
6.            Click Create
7.            Pick existing customer and follow the instructions.

Sturgeon County Utility Services is notified to link your existing account.  
We will send an email a confirmation once linked (check your spam folder). You may now load funds into your account.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, call 780-939-8254 or 780-939-0609.

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